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Welcome to our joint collaborative community forum! This forum was created to serve as a communication resource for anticoagulation management clinicians and we encourage members to post conference and meeting announcements, upcoming educational activities, new literature discussions, pose questions and create and participate in any anticoagulation related discussion. For all anticoagulation questions that you wish to pose for member response, please FIRST explore the resources in the Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence. http://excellence.acforum.org/

IPRO will serve as the moderator and members are accepted by request. To request access, please click on "Register" and complete the web form (you can skip the birthdate entry – it is not required). You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your email. Once your email is confirmed, you will receive another email that your JENY membership is approved along with a link to JENY. Log in to JENY and click on "Groups Directory" under "My Groups & Collaboratives". Click on our community forum and then click "Join". IPRO staff will review and process all requests to join the community. Please also note the ability to log in with your LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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