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Welcome to JENY 2.0!

JENY started off in 2004 as a means for several healthcare quality improvement activities in New York to collaborate on the Web. Originally JENY stood for "Joint Effort New York", but as the community grew we took a more regional and national approach to our community.

JENY went offline in 2014, but we are back for 2017 with a new look, new feel, and new features. We hope you find your time here fruitful, enlightening and friendly.

House Rules

  1. JENY is intended for collaborative discussion around Healthcare Quality Measurement, Improvement, and Reporting. Any conversations that stray too far from these topics will be moved to our off-topic area "Cafe Melior", and if the conversation strays even farther we may remove it entirely.

  2. Membership is and always will be free. If you would like to use JENY to create a public or private group working on Quality Measurement, Improvement or Reporting please contact the JENY team and we'd be happy to get you started.

  3. Don't be rude. Be nice. Be pleasant, courteous and professional to all Members. If you can't be nice, it's probably best not to reply. We condone healthy debate but name-calling, insulting or general rudeness is a no-no.

  4. If someone posts something useful to you, reward that Member by marking their comment with one of the tags "Insightful" or "Like". This helps our Members find the best content on JENY, and lets our Members know their contributions are valuable. If you see something that you find offensive, off-topic or abusive, you can use the appropriate buttons to report those posts to JENY staff moderators.

  5. In general, practice the same standards you practice at work or at school. We're here to help one another, and to build community. Enjoy :smile:


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