New York Social Work In Person Meeting

If IPRO offered an in person meeting with CEUs, would you be interested in attending?

What topics would you want discussed?


  • gmaisonetgmaisonet Member

    topic: motivational interviewing

  • gmaisonetgmaisonet Member

    topic: depression and esrd patients

  • BabcockBabcock Member

    What would feel good to me is a time and space for camaraderie. An opportunity for easeful networking, guided communication exercises, and encouragement of self-care for nephrology social workers. We all know that stress and turnover are high in our field and nephrology SWers often work in isolation and have few opportunities to really connect with colleagues. Our employers may be competitors, but we are not.

    I encourage considering how IPRO might offer a time of in-person connection and sharing, with the intention of creating support and sharing resources through relationship building. These are the real roots of social work that are being squeezed out in our field.

    The cost to organizations, patient quality of life, team culture, quality outcomes and the financial bottom line that result from the stress and high turnover in renal social work is not directly measurable, but we can all agree it is significant.

    An IPRO-offered in-person gathering dedicated to the quality of life of SWers is a worthwhile dream, it seems to me. I'd be willing to help brainstorm further if this strikes a chord. Maybe at a spa?

    Marilyn Babcock

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