TUG Anniversary Meeting Recap

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Since our inception in July 2018, we have been holding monthly Tableau Tuesday meetings where we learn, share and collaborate on Tableau, data visualization/data analysis best practices and new analytic tools. We started off the year learning about Iron Viz and best examples of data visualization to ending the year off with a demonstration in Matillion and R Shiny apps. We hope the spirit of sharing and learning will continue on in future months.

It was really great to see the turnout of employees who came to celebrate the annual event on July 2nd. We recapped our year's best moments, enjoyed some delicious food and cake, and raffled off some data visualization books. Thank you to all who participated and hope to see you again for the upcoming year's meetings.

Happy Vizzing!
Sybil and Shaina

Lake Success TUG Anniversary attendees

From Top Left to Top Right: Kevin Cox, Roberto Varela, Ti-Kuang Lee, Evan Pierre-Louis, Abdul Qadri; From Middle Left to Middle Right: Aliandra Homayuni, Rubing Pan, Valerie McKenna, Sybil Dias; Front row, Left to Right: Keqin Wei, Li-wen Hung, Sana Malik, April Dimla
(Not Pictured: Steve Fogel)

Albany TUG Anniversary attendees

From Left to Right: Shaina Bass , Tanya Vadala , John Decelles, Meet Prajapati, Kristen Donato , Suganthy Yoganathan
Albany TUG attendees

Raffle Winners



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