30 Day Trial Program

The trial program provides a previously Involuntarily Discharged patient the ability to treat in a facility for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days the facility would advise the Network if they need more time, or if they will be accepting the patient permanently. The Network obtains approval for the program from the Department of Health prior to the patient starting at the facility.

Let me know here if you have any questions on how the program works.


  • pearletspearlets Member

    I have utilized this trial program for two patients and have found that once the 30 days have passed staff identify any behavior as pt. being difficult. For example, if the patient misses transportation or is not actively pursuing an AVF placement the pt. is labeled non- complaint and the request to utilize this as a reason for discharge is suggested.

    I disagree with this perception and would like feedback on what parameter's should be utilized during this 30 day trial program.

  • ebaumannebaumann Member

    To clarify: After the patient is permanently accepted, there is push back from staff about the patient's behavior?

    Once the patient is accepted after 30 days they are a permanent placement.

    Transportation issues are common and could be mitigated with some changes to the patient's schedule if it is reoccurring. The AVF placement is encouraged, but it is the patient's right and if they are not ready/able to change at this time it is not a reason for IVD.

    Perhaps a training on the CFCs, patients rights and facilities obligations related to patient care.

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