Sharing Workbooks, Visualisations etc

Hi everyone. Joe, I and the Health Informatics team hope that this forum will serve as a way to swap best practices, tips and tricks, as well as product that you're looking to get critique or feedback on, or just to show off your work.

Please bear in mind that Jeny is a public space for a lot of different QI work that IPRO is involved in, and is no way a HIPAA-compliant environment. We absolutely look forward to seeing your work, but if it is in any way confidential or sensitive information then we need to share that internally under Innovations on IPRO Labs.

Feel free to use Jeny to share workbooks and visualisations that display non-identifiable, aggregate data.

We also hope to get a good Q&A section going, so please note that when starting a new discussion you can mark it as a question this makes it easier for people to find questions that need answering.

For now we are inviting IPRO staff, but we may open the group up to a wider QI audience that uses Tableau later on, so keep that in mind when posting here.

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