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Thanks to an excellent suggestion from our first Makeover Monday Challenge winner, Steve Fogel (@srfogel), we will have a TUG library in the Lake Success (Training Room) and Albany (Health Informatics aisle) offices. You will find some newly purchased books on visualization from Edward Tufte and data manipulation reference books as well. Check it out when you can, and if you would like to donate books, you are most welcome. Please sign-out and sign-in the books (you will find a sign-out sheet on the shelf). If the books prove to be helpful, please let your fellow TUG members know about it.


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    Our library is growing slowly. Since the inception of this library, we've added some new books and may add more as time goes on. If you'd like to donate, feel free to do so, or if you have a suggestion for a data book you think others would be interested in, feel free to share your thoughts on this thread or at the next TUG meeting.

    Currently, you can check out some new additions like 'Number Sense' (donated by our monthly challenge winner: @srfogel ). These books may be checked out currently, but be sure to sign them out when they become available in the future or contact the current readers to inquire about the books.

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