Monthly Makeover Challenge: July to August

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For our first challenge we will be exploring data from 2018/Week 8 of the Makeover Monday Challenge. Consider what does and does not work well with the original visual, and how you might improve the visual. The goal of the challenge is to renovate the visual. This could mean improving the visual, or revealing a different story. Participants may use Tableau or any other data visualization tool (Excel, SAS, R..) to create their visual. Below is a link to the data set and original visual (the data set is located in the upper left hand corner of the page). Note you will have to create a free account with to access the data.

Makeovers will be discussed at the monthly TUG meeting.

The winner, selected by random drawing, will be announced at the monthly TUG meeting. The winner will receive a data visualization book of their choosing from Amazon, up to $100.

Submit your entry by responding to this discussion. Please limit one submission per person. You may update your submission at any point up until the deadline. If you have questions when creating your visual, post your question here. Chances are, someone else has the same question!

To ensure your visual is shared at the next TUG, your visual must be posted to this discussion by 5PM EST on August 13th.


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