N.J. Hospitals Commit to Joint Initiative to Reduce C-Sections

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New Jersey hospitals are joining with the N.J. Department of Health and New Jersey Hospital Association in a statewide initiative to reduce unnecessary cesarean sections and protect mothers and babies against the associated risks.

All 49 of New Jersey’s hospitals that provide labor and delivery services have committed to the program. Under the direction of DOH and the Institute for Quality and Patient Safety at NJHA, these hospitals will adopt new processes and protocols specific to low-risk, first-time deliveries and ensure that C-sections are used only when medically necessary. They also will join in statewide education and data collection to measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Read more: http://www.njha.com/pressroom/2018-press-releases/june-4-2018-nj-hospitals-commit-to-joint-initiative-to-reduce-c-sections/


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