Addressing Medication Reconciliation Using a Virtual Care Platform

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Preventing harm from medications, or adverse drug events (ADEs) is critical to maintaining patient safety and reducing hospital readmissions. Confirming each drug’s details – including the drug name, dosage, frequency and route – can be effective in preventing ADEs and minimize the risk for readmission. Readmission rates have increasingly been used as an outcome measure in health services research and as a quality benchmark for health systems.

The AHRQ National Resource Center for Health Information Technology has shared insight into how teams using a virtual care platform can support medication reconciliation and patient education. Because US health care systems are fragmented, a team-based approach is desirable to coordinate the activities of various care providers. Several AHRQ-funded projects reported that utilizing a virtual care platform fostered and supported team-based care at their organizations. These grantees reported that a virtual care communication platform can improve an organization’s work and safety culture

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