How Children's National Health System is doubling safety event reports through quality initiative

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After Washington, D.C.-based Children's National Health System was challenged to increase its voluntary safety event reports submitted over a three-year period, a quality initiative at the pediatric health system more than doubled its number of reports, according to a study published in Pediatric Quality & Safety.

To examine quality and safety data in real time improve outcomes for patients, Children's National formed the initiative, called "10,000 Good Catches: Increasing Safety Event Reporting In A Pediatric Health Care System."

A multidisciplinary team identified three major areas for improvement, including how difficult is it to report an event, whether staff thought they may be in trouble for reporting and whether they thought their report made a difference.

The team then created interventions to increase reporting. Through this initiative, the health system praises staff for safety "catches" and views these reports as a chance to build on what went well or look for areas to improve as opposed to creating an environment where employees are punished for reporting these events.

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