IPRO Launches New Sepsis Campaign: Sepsis and Antibiotics…What You Need to Know.

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IPRO's current Community-Based Sepsis Special Innovation Project (SIP) has focused on spreading awareness of sepsis to community based healthcare providers and the public. A major component of this community-based initiative has been to provide sepsis education for both clinical and non-clinical staff in healthcare settings that include skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, primary care physicians' offices and dialysis centers. This frequent discussion prompted development of a new campaign: “Sepsis and Antibiotics…What You Need to Know.” This campaign provides a great opportunity to educate people, not only about sepsis, but also about the important role antibiotics play in preventing infections from progressing to sepsis and improving survival rates and patient outcomes.
Read more: https://ipro.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/TskSIP-SepsisSpotlt3_Final1.pdf (PDF)

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