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  1. Client asked to change how the question was asked. Can we change the questions without changing the data or starting a new project ? How about adding additional options to the multi-choice question?
  2. Can client test the survey without RedCap account ? Can we wipe out the test data before the official launch date ?


  • mborgesmborges Moderator mod
    1. Yes we should be able to alter the question copy and add options as long as the variable name remains intact.
    2. Yes, only front facing surveys can be accessed without an account. Yes, data can be removed prior to launch.

    Please provide a link to your survey or the Project name for further assistance.


  • jgulottajgulotta Moderator mod

    Hey TK:

    All of this should be doable. Adding multiple choice options is fairly simple and does not change much. Changing the question wording is fine too, provided we do not change the internal name for the column in the REDCap database (has to be done manually, so it isn't an issue). The only time this gets a bit odd is if a new column or question is added. In that instance, the pre-existing records all get nulls for that column regardless of if the new question/column is deemed required.

    Wiping the data is no problem and can be done by Mike or me.

    The survey can be accessed via a link generated by RC, and it is something anyone can test. The link is stored in the project site and can be sent out as-is to anyone wishing to view or test it. Bear in mind that their answers will be recorded if they choose to submit. The only time you would need a user is if the project is partitioned based on Data Access Groups.

    I just saw that Mike already answered this, and I can't stress enough that he is an excellent source of information on REDCap. If you have any questions please let either one of us know and we are happy to help!

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