Exciting times ahead! World's first eHealth City opens in Denmark

MartinaMartina Administrator admin

On October 1, 2017, the world’s first user-driven test city for healthcare services, called eHealth City, opens in Svendborg, Denmark. The city of Svendborg in the Region of Southern Denmark will be the world's first user-driven test city for healthcare services when the project called eHealth City Svendborg begins on October 1, 2017. During the project, citizens will be involved in the final decisions to ensure high quality when developing and testing healthcare solutions of the future. The project, eHealth City, is relevant both on national and international level. Thus, eHealth City Svendborg can initiate a major transformation of the Danish healthcare system and perhaps also have positive effects in other countries. Both the United Kingdom and Spain already show interest in creating similar test cities.
Read more about this exciting project: http://healthcaredenmark.dk/news/worlds-first-ehealth-city-opens-in-denmark.aspx

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